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Re: XFS volume labels

To: Steve Lord <lord@xxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: XFS volume labels
From: Ed McKenzie <eem12@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2001 14:45:25 -0400
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On Wed, Apr 04, 2001 at 01:32:09PM -0500, Steve Lord wrote:
> Mount by label is all user space, there is no kernel code involved,

Ah. There was talk on lkml about allowing the kernel to find the root
fs by UUID or label, so I assumed all of this was done in the kernel.

> beyond reading data out the block device interface to look for the
> magic numbers. You need a version of the mount command with this
> support in it for the code to function.
> I am using mount-2.10m-6 but I have to admit I have not tried a mount
> by label recently.

2.10r-4 from Wolverine here.  Looking at the source, it appears XFS
label support is already implemented.  I'm investigating.


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