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Re: Moving IRIX disk to Linux

To: Dave Sill <ds-linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Moving IRIX disk to Linux
From: Steve Lord <lord@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 13:21:55 -0600
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> Steve Lord <lord@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> >Maybe you need to add irix partition table support - I am not sure this
> >was done in the pre-release kernels.
> OK, how would I go about doing that?
> -Dave

You have to rebuild the kernel, in make xconfig at the bottom of the
filesystems menu is a partition types option, within this you need to
enable advanced partition selection, and add sgi partition support
which is three up from the bottom.

The new kernel should then recognize the partitions OK.

This all presumes you are OK with configuring, building and installing kernels.



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