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Re: New RPMs based on XFS CVS (Feb24) WORK! <- Hmmm, whole else besides

To: Russell Cattelan <cattelan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: New RPMs based on XFS CVS (Feb24) WORK! <- Hmmm, whole else besides SourceForge.NET?
From: Bryan-TheBS-Smith <thebs@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 13:12:37 -0500
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Russell Cattelan wrote:
> Ohhh cool... save us some work.

That was the idea, although I won't be always able to test it all as
extensively (although I'm starting to run it on a number of systems,
see below).  Right now, if you read my HOWTO and grab my
kernel-2.4.SPEC file, you can do most of it as well.  Again, I'm
just repackaging it.

On the other hand, I've had 0 issues installing from my RPMs that
some others have had on this list.  And I tried it out on stock
RedHat 7.0 installs -- one clean, one that has been running Ext3 for
6 months.  Both worked great.  No support issues.  Althoguh it's
nothing other than the XFS CVS stuff plus a few select choices for
mkinitrd (the same in PR-0.9, only rebuilt from SRPM) and modutils
(rebuilt from RedHat 7.0.91 SRPM), as well as devfsd, ALSA and other

As far as my "interest" in XFS, it's total production (we're a
UNIX-apps driven company, hence the kNFSd compatibility need).  Once
I spend about 2-3 months running various XFS CVS builds on
non-production systems (like our various Linux workstations), I'll
move to our main servers.  I did this with Ext3 as well (adopted
over 6 months ago after 3 months of prior testing).  XFS is
definately a better choice than Ext3 in the end (and already proven
on Irix).

> I'll give you mirror space at oss.sgi.com... well how about
> linux-xfs.sgi.com, which is BTW a totally XFS box serving
> the xfs web pages.

Thanx.  We'll work out the details off-list.  If SGI wants, I'll
strip out the "SmithConcepts" label stuff.  It's just an
unregistered fictious name I've been using since 1992 (that probably
means I should make it official someday ;-).  Heck, I'm better known
as "thebs" anyway.

> It would be best not to have a lot of sources for XFS kernel RPMs if
> it isn't necessary. You can certainly put your stuff up on sourceforge
> but linux-xfs.sgi.com has space.

No, I'd prefer to be on linux-xfs.sgi.com itself, or at least
distro/hardware integrator.  SourceForge.NET is probably more for
developers anyway, not "dumb" packagers like myself.  E.g.,
VALinux.COM itself would be better choice than their
SourceForget.NET site (not that I'm trying to get VA to mirror and
they've been pro-Ext3, like RedHat, anyway).

-- TheBS

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