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Re: XFS and Kernel 2.4.2

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Subject: Re: XFS and Kernel 2.4.2
From: "Nathan Scott" <nathans@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2001 13:34:16 -0400
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On Feb 25,  2:12am, GCS wrote:
> Subject: XFS and Kernel 2.4.2
> Hello all,
> Anyone could make XFS with the newest kernel (2.4.2)? I tried, but the module
> support is broken. All of the modules give me unresolved symbols (even very
> basic ones like printk()). Ok, I said compile everything into the kernel, and
> so I did. I have support for XFS, but I can not use it. When I create the

not sure about the module problem - I'm using xfs compiled-in
at the moment.  I'm pretty sure Russell fixed module support
the other day though.

> filesystem on /dev/fd0 I get:
> ...
> So mkfs crash in the middle of the creation. Any workaround maybe?

quick workaround would be to not use a floppy disk.  I
don't think its possible to create an xfs filesystem on
so small a device.



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