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To: Andrew Klaassen <ak@xxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: RAID5 + XFS
From: Danny <danscox@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 14:50:00 -0500
Cc: linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Organization: Connex Inc
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Andrew Klaassen wrote:
> I've consistently been getting "Unable to handle kernel NULL
> pointer dereference" errors when unmounting an XFS filesystem
> which I had created on a RAID5 device.  This occurs with both
> the beta XFS and the latest CVS.
> Is this a known bug?  Would more information be useful for you?

        This sounds suspiciously like something I had to track down.  The easy
answer is: look for the raid5 patch posted last week by Russell
Cattelan.  Another easy answer is to look for 'mark_buffer_clean()' in
raid5.c, and remove the line.  That should fix you up.

"Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick 
themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened." 
   -- Winston Churchill 


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