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Re: Simple question

To: Steve Lord <lord@xxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Simple question
From: Russell Cattelan <cattelan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 17:11:02 -0600
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Steve Lord wrote:
> >
> > ok, I hate to be the one to ask the stupid questions, but I read the
> > posting that you guys moved up to 2.4.1.  I did a cvs update and it updated
> > things...'make menuconfig' says it's indeed 2.4.1, I also did a make
> > mrproper before that.  the thing is make dep pukes, unable to find
> > linux/fs/reiserfs directory. indeed it is not there. the option for
> > reiserfs exists in configuration though.  What am I missing?  I am sure
> > it's something dumb..thanks guys
> >
> > RegEx
> >
> OK, I suspect you are not being stupid, reiserfs is a new directory which 
> could
> well be the problem. I don't know the details of how the tree on oss gets
> created - except for the fact that they are very convoluted. The guy who
> maintains this is at Linux World this week, and getting this fixed in the
> correct manner would involve his help. Can you try pulling in the reiserfs
> directory from a vanilla 2.4.1 tree, we did not change it.
> Steve

Use cvs update -d
the -d says pull new directoryuied

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