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Subject: quota
From: Thomas Graichen <news-innominate.list.sgi.xfs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 1 Feb 2001 23:07:58 GMT
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i am a bit confused about quota on XFS ... all started by getting
messages like

  user enforcement is already disabled

etc. from the quotaoff -a in the normal redhat shutdown scripts - this
brought me to look at the quota stuff - ok i tried to enable quota now
but for me it does not work like described in the quotaon man-page
(the XFS quota man page)

  rootfs -> quotaon -v / and reboot

but after rebooting root did not have quota ... i also added
",usrquota" to the fstab entries for the non / partitions but some-
how it did not work (but i have to check that in more detail - so
maybe ignore this one for now) ... ok - but now the quotaon on
bootup complains about "quotas have to be enabled on mount" ...

ok - while trying all this i found out that somehow the grpquota
stuff does not work at all for now (i think i remember something
like grpquotas not working from the lists) - right?

so - before i try further - can anyone please say some words
about the status of the quota stuff: is the quotaon/quotaoff
output on bootup/shutdown normal for now (or am i doing something
wrong)? what is the state of the grpquota stuff? and how one
really enables quota on XFS filesystems? (my idea would be

  quotaon -v /

for the rootfs + reboot and an

  ... defaults,usrquota

entry in the fstab for all the other XFS fs + reboot (or remount)
- right or anything wrong on this idea?

a lot of thanks in advance


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                                                  the linux architects
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