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ADD 804570 - The elevator bug

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Subject: ADD 804570 - The elevator bug
From: pv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (raa@xxxxxxx)
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 06:50:03 -0800 (PST)
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 Submitter : coreym                    Status : open                        
 Assigned Engineer : nb                Priority : 3                         
*Modified Date : 01/17/01             *Modified User : raa                  
*Modified User Domain : sgi.com       *Description :
I ran rwtest on a xfs-linux filesystem on the machine permit:

rwtest 100000000:/mnt1/file_1 >/tmp/file_1.out 2>&1 &

This caused df, ls -l, fdisk, and top all to hang.

Permit is running Redhat 6.2 with a 2.4.0-test5 kernel



From: "bob albers jr." <raa@xxxxxxx>
Date: Jan 17 2001 06:50:03AM
[pvnews version: 1.71]


Could you reply to this PV regarding the elevator tuning parameters that can be
used to significantly reduce the elevator stalls.  Could you also note what
they should be set to and how.

Ananth or Chait,

Could you respond to this PV with your evaluation of Jens' elevator fix and if
it would be a good fit for the SN-IA64 kernel.



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