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RE: [Fwd: RE: Installing XFS Beta on RedHat 7.0]

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Subject: RE: [Fwd: RE: Installing XFS Beta on RedHat 7.0]
From: "Steven M Wilson" <swilson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 12:14:33 -0500
Cc: <tduffy@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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> > I'm stuck now with a failure to locate the file
> > "linux-2.4.0-test11-xfs-alpha.patch" under SOURCES.
> > This file is needed for (at least) SCRIPTS/make-tarballs
> > and the command "make i386kernel" at the
> > root of the source tree.
> the patch is generated on the fly by the scripts.  it checks
> out a copy of
> a clean linux 2.4.0-test11 tree and diffs the xfs tree to generate the
> patch.
> this is done because rpm wants a clean tarball plus
> patches...we will be
> moving to a patch based system for distributing xfs at some
> point in the
> future.
> I am hesitant to check in the patch since it should be
> generated at any
> given moment by looking at the current xfs tree and a stock
> linux tarball.
> you will also need to grab a linux tarball and put that into
> well as this is not checked into the tree (we did not want to
> have that
> huge binary in the tree).
> hope this helps,
> -tduffy

The script "create_clean_kernel_tree" fails trying to locate and execute a
program called p_tupdate.  Where can I get this program?

Also, many scripts require the top directory to be /usr/src/redhat but the
rpmmacros file (cmd/xfs/build/rpm/rpmmacros) references
/usr/src/linux-2.4-xfs.  I created a symbolic link so that
/usr/src/linux-2.4-xfs points to /usr/src/redhat.  Was that the right thing
to do?

Thanks again for your help!


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