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ADD 803625 - xfs_growfs QA failure and possible pagebuf problem

To: ananth@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: ADD 803625 - xfs_growfs QA failure and possible pagebuf problem
From: pv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (ajag@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 16:53:18 -0700 (PDT)
Cc: linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Reply-to: sgi.bugs.xfs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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 Status : open                         Priority : 2                         
 Assigned Engineer : ananth            Submitter : ajag                     
*Modified User : ajag                 *Modified User Domain : melbourne     
*Description :
The growfs QA test creates a 16Mb filesystem with one allocation group and
sucessively grows its size to 17, 33, 35 and 48 megabyte (3 ags) with four 
calls to
xfs_growfs. The first growfs appears to succeed, however, subsequents calls fail
on a call to xfs_read_buf (line 336 xfs_fsops.c) while writing out the redundant
superblocks for the filesystem. The call sequence looks like:
  xfs_read_buf (function)
    xfs_buf_read (macro)
      pagebuf_get (function call at line 747 page_buf.c)


From: ajag@melbourne (BugWorks)
Date: Oct 02 2000 04:53:18PM

NOTE: Also the QA test in question is xfs/cmd/stress/041, it
is not currently in the auto qa group and doesn't have a verified
output (as I have got it to work successfully yet).

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