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To: nb@xxxxxxx
Subject: BUG 800850 - XFS + CONFIG_HIGHMEM4GB bug
From: pv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (dxm@xxxxxxxxxxxx)
Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2000 22:20:56 -0700 (PDT)
Cc: linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Reply-to: sgi.bugs.xfs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sender: owner-linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
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Webpv: clouds.melbourne.sgi.com
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Submitter : dxm                       Submitter Domain : engr               
Assigned Engineer : nb                Assigned Domain : sgi.com             
Assigned Group : xfs-linux            Category : software                   
Customer Reported : F                 Priority : 2                          
Project : xfs-linux                   Status : open                         
Description :
Enabling CONFIG_HIGHMEM4GB on bruce (a 1400), then
running QA trips the following BUG() in QA 001:

kernel BUG at highmem.c:231!

Entering kdb (0xf6eec000) on processor 0 Panic: invalid operand
due to panic @ 0xc013077b
eax = 0x0000001d ebx = 0xfe268000 ecx = 0xc02b406c edx = 0x00000028 
esi = 0x00000000 edi = 0xc2055790 esp = 0xf6eedda0 eip = 0xc013077b 
ebp = 0xf6eeddb4  ss = 0x00000018  cs = 0x00000010 eflags = 0x00010246 
 ds = 0x00000018  es = 0x00000018 origeax = 0xffffffff &regs = 0xf6eedd6c
[0]kdb> bt
    EBP       EIP         Function(args)
0xf6eeddb4 0xc013077b kunmap_high+0x6f
                               kernel .text 0xc0100000 0xc013070c 0xc01307a0
0xf6eedde8 0xf882041f [pagebuf]__pagebuf_do_delwri+0x1cb (0xf6f3e0a0, 0x0, 0x0, 
0x10000, 0x4010e000)
                               pagebuf .text 0xf881c060 0xf8820254 0xf88204cc
0xf6eede64 0xf88205f2 [pagebuf]_pagebuf_file_write+0x126 (0xf6f619e0, 
0x4010e000, 0x10000, 0xf6eedecc, 0x2)
                               pagebuf .text 0xf881c060 0xf88204cc 0xf882062c
0xf6eedef0 0xf882080f [pagebuf]pagebuf_generic_file_write+0x1e3 (0xf6f619e0, 
0x4010e000, 0x10000, 0xf6eedf90)
                               pagebuf .text 0xf881c060 0xf882062c 0xf8820a48
0xf6eedf14 0xf8993572 [xfs]xfs_rdwr+0x72 (0xf6f66908, 0xf6f619e0, 0x4010e000, 
0x10000, 0xf6eedf90)
                               xfs .text 0xf8921060 0xf8993500 0xf8993580
0xf6eedf60 0xf8994338 [xfs]xfs_write+0x158 (0xf6f66908, 0xf6f619e0, 0x4010e000, 
0x10000, 0xf6eedf90)
                               xfs .text 0xf8921060 0xf89941e0 0xf89943e4
0xf6eedf98 0xf898fbb0 [xfs]linvfs_write+0xec (0xf6f619e0, 0x4010e000, 0x10000, 
0xf6f61a00, 0xf6eec000)
                               xfs .text 0xf8921060 0xf898fac4 0xf898fbdc
0xf6eedfbc 0xc01326d8 sys_write+0xa8 (0x3, 0x4010e000, 0x10000, 0x10000, 
                               kernel .text 0xc0100000 0xc0132630 0xc01326f0
           0xc0109040 system_call+0x34
                               kernel .text 0xc0100000 0xc010900c 0xc0109044
[0]kdb> ps
0xf6eec000 00001187 00001178  1  000  run   0xf6eec340*fill

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