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ADD 800480 - xlog_grant_log_space can wait indefinitely

To: lord@xxxxxxx
Subject: ADD 800480 - xlog_grant_log_space can wait indefinitely
From: pv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (lord@xxxxxxx)
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2000 11:29:47 -0700 (PDT)
Cc: tduffy@xxxxxxx, linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Reply-to: sgi.bugs.xfs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sender: owner-linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Webexec: webpvupdate,pvincident
Webpv: jen.americas.sgi.com
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 Status : open                         Priority : 2                         
 Assigned Engineer : lord              Submitter : ananth                   
*Modified User : lord                 *Modified User Domain : sgi.com       
*Description :
We have a semi-production build machine that is
running XFS bits as of 8/23/00. I have seen
things like "rm" getting into the following backtrace:



From: lord@xxxxxxx (BugWorks)
Date: Sep 08 2000 11:29:46AM

OK, I did grab some info before I managed some pilot error which
crashed the debugger - damn!

[0]kdb> btp 30128
    EBP       EIP         Function(args)
0xc81d1e00 0xc0119bdd schedule+0x415 (0xf4b67e10)
                               kernel .text 0xc0100000 0xc01197c8 0xc011a1b0
0xc81d1e3c 0xf8883bf5 [xfs]_sv_wait+0xcd (0xf4b67e10, 0xf7cee114, 0x282, 0x0, 
                               xfs .text 0xf8830060 0xf8883b28 0xf8883c10
0xc81d1e68 0xf8867fa5 [xfs]xlog_grant_log_space+0x139 (0xf7cee080, 0xf4b67e10, 
0xf72d7c00, 0x58b70, 0xf7cee080)
                               xfs .text 0xf8830060 0xf8867e6c 0xf88680d0
0xc81d1ea0 0xf8866587 [xfs]xfs_log_reserve+0x7b (0xf72d7c00, 0x2abb8, 0x2, 
0xef1b0bf4, 0x69)
                               xfs .text 0xf8830060 0xf886650c 0xf8866594
0xc81d1ecc 0xf887391a [xfs]xfs_trans_reserve+0x76 (0xef1b0bc0, 0x0, 0x2abb8, 
0x0, 0x4)
                               xfs .text 0xf8830060 0xf88738a4 0xf88739c4
0xc81d1f24 0xf887a0b6 [xfs]xfs_inactive+0x1ca (0xedaf6324, 0x0)
                               xfs .text 0xf8830060 0xf8879eec 0xf887a2fc
0xc81d1f3c 0xf888906f [xfs]vn_put+0x47 (0xc88305a0)
                               xfs .text 0xf8830060 0xf8889028 0xf88890a8
0xc81d1f4c 0xf8883622 [xfs]linvfs_d_iput+0x1a (0xe8e64be0, 0xc88304c0)
                               xfs .text 0xf8830060 0xf8883608 0xf8883640
0xc81d1f64 0xc01477eb d_delete+0x57 (0xe8e64be0)
                               kernel .text 0xc0100000 0xc0147794 0xc0147830
0xc81d1f80 0xc0141c07 vfs_unlink+0x18b (0xc8830640, 0xe8e64be0)
                               kernel .text 0xc0100000 0xc0141a7c 0xc0141c20
0xc81d1fbc 0xc0141cbb sys_unlink+0x9b (0x805115b, 0xbffff240, 0xbffff02c, 0x0, 
                               kernel .text 0xc0100000 0xc0141c20 0xc0141d34
           0xc010a860 system_call+0x34
                               kernel .text 0xc0100000 0xc010a82c 0xc010a864

[0]kdb> xlog 0xf7cee080
xlog at 0xf7cee080
&flushsm: 0xf7cee080  tic_cnt: 99  tic_tcnt: 102  
freelist: 0xf4b67c30  tail: 0xf4b67af0  ICLOG: 0xf4b70000  
&icloglock: 0xf7cee0b4  tail_lsn: 0x5b300001e90  last_sync_lsn: 0x5b400001bc5 
mp: 0xf72d7c00  xbuf: 0xf732be40  roundoff: 3292  l_covered_state: need 
flags: log 0x0 <>   dev: 0x811 logBBstart: 7962656 logsize: 4915200 logBBsize: 
curr_cycle: 1460  prev_cycle: 1460  curr_block: 7119  prev_block: 7109
iclog_bak: 0xf7cee104  iclog_size: 0x8000 (32768)  num iclogs: 2
&grant_lock: 0xf7cee114  resHeadQ: 0xf4b67e10  wrHeadQ: 0x00000000
GResCycle: 1460  GResBytes: 3644348  GWrCycle: 1460  GWrBytes: 3644348
GResBlocks: 7124  GResRemain: 152  GWrBlocks: 7124  GWrRemain: 152
[0]kdb> xmount 0xf72d7c00
xfs_mount at 0xf72d7c00
vfsp 0xf7621920 tid 0x0 ail_lock 0xf72d7c14 &ail 0xf72d7c18
ail_gen 0x14f86a &sb 0xf72d7c24
sb_lock 0xf72d7cec sb_bp 0xf732bee0 dev 0x811 logdev 0x811 rtdev 0x0
bsize 8 agfrotor 2 agirotor 4 ihash 0xf5b78000 ihsize 332
inodes 0xe86dd930 ilock 0xf72d7d14 ireclaims 0x10431
readio_log 0x10 readio_blocks 0x10 writeio_log 0x10 writeio_blocks 0x10
logbufs -1 logbsize -1 LOG 0xf7cee080
rsumlevels 0x0 rsumsize 0x0 rbmip 0x00000000 rsumip 0x00000000
rootip 0xf5a10c88
dircook_elog 0 blkbit_log 15 blkbb_log 3 agno_log 4
agino_log 22 nreadaheads 4 inode cluster size 8192
blockmask 0xfff blockwsize 0x400 blockwmask 0x3ff
alloc_mxr[lf,nd] 510 340 alloc_mnr[lf,nd] 255 170
bmap_dmxr[lfnr,ndnr] 254 254 bmap_dmnr[lfnr,ndnr] 127 127
inobt_mxr[lf,nd] 255 510 inobt_mnr[lf,nd] 127 255
ag_maxlevels 3 bm_maxlevels[d,a] 5 3 in_maxlevels 3
perag 0xf7cee180 &peraglock 0xf72d7dd8 &growlock 0xf72d7e00
flags 0x0 <> ialloc_inos 64 ialloc_blks 4 litino 156
attroffset 120 da_node_ents 510 maxicount 8957888 inoalign_mask 1
resblks 0 resblks_avail 0
 inoadd 0quotaflags 0x0 <> 
dalign 0 swidth 0 sinoalign 0 attr_magicpct 1515 dir_magicpct 1515
mk_sharedro 0 dirversion 2 dirblkfsbs 1 &dirops 0xf72d7ecc
dirblksize 4096 dirdatablk 0x0 dirleafblk 0x800000 dirfreeblk 0x1000000
chsize 37 chash 0xf72dca00
mountpoint "sd(8,17)"

Unfortunately the command I really wanted to see the output of
I gave the wrong address to and it died on me - the machine will
need a reset and I will need another occurrence, sorry about

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