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Re: xfs as root fs

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Subject: Re: xfs as root fs
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Date: 8 Sep 2000 18:18:20 GMT
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Russell Cattelan <cattelan@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> > OK, this is a red herring, these were files from the lost+found on the root
>> > filesystem, so xfs_repair removed its lost+found to start with, so it was
>> > not finding anything wrong really.
>> > This basically says that after cloning a root the lost+found directory in
>> > the xfs filesystem needs to be cleaned.
>> hmmm in my cases the files were real (just on several real machines
>> i get it after some time of use) - i also usually do an
>>   xfs_repair
>>   mount
>>   rm -rf lost+found
>>   xfs_repair <- is fine now
>>   umount
>>   reboot
>> so - it is not the lost+found dir in my case ...

> Drat, I thought  had cleaned this up.

> This seems to happen when the last call to sync doesn't fully complete,
> or more file system activity comes in after the call to sync.
> This gets back to the problem of there  not really being a  way to check for
> activity in the file systen.

> Do you have a specific circumstance that causes the failure or is it
> rather random?

due to my experience i had it nearly everytime when i checked ...
i may reboot and check this machine in a few minutes and see and
maybe send you the xfs_repair output ... so a few minutes from
now ...


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