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Re: more xfs on ppc

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Subject: Re: more xfs on ppc
From: Thomas Graichen <news-innominate.list.sgi.xfs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 29 Aug 2000 20:49:46 GMT
Distribution: local
Organization: innominate AG, Berlin, Germany
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Steve Lord <lord@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Steve Lord <lord@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> > OK, here is a patch which might start to narrow down where the inode number
>> > is getting lost. I seem to remember there being issues with printing 64
>> > bit numbers on the ppc, so you may have to mess with this somewhat to get
>> > it to function there.
>> ok - did it (btw. the 64bit problem seems to be only happening with
>> printing in hex which can be easily worked around by shifts and
>> printing two longs - %Ld looks like being working)
>>   inum set to 132 from ir_startino of 128
>>   xfs_dialloc returned inum 132
>>   xfs_dir2_createname: inum = 132
>> this is the output of your patch for my typical test: "cp XFS test"
>> just tell me what else you are interested in ...

> Which says that the problem is in getting the inode number into the directory
> entry itself, not in creating the inode number. Hmmm,

> try this patch, we are taking an 8 byte inode number and placing it in a
> 4 byte field, I think on a big endian machine we are copying the wrong half
> of the word over.

> +++ linux/fs/xfs/xfs_arch.h     Tue Aug 29 15:23:21 2000
> @@ -226,7 +226,7 @@
> -        bcopy(from,to,sizeof(xfs_dir2_ino4_t)); \
> +        bcopy((((__u8*)from+4)),to,sizeof(xfs_dir2_ino4_t)); \

[root@aqua linux]# modprobe xfs
[root@aqua linux]# mount -t xfs /dev/hda8 /mnt/floppy/
[root@aqua linux]# cd /mnt/floppy/
[root@aqua floppy]# ls
[root@aqua floppy]# cat XFS
i am here
[root@aqua floppy]# cp XFS test
[root@aqua floppy]# ls
XFS  test
[root@aqua floppy]# cat test
i am here
[root@aqua floppy]# 

you know what this means? :-)

it _works_ now ... i just copied the full /etc onto the filesystem
and the result was perfect (diffed the copied one against /etc)
also not crash or assert so far ... will try some more
stresstesting now - but it looks fine so far ...

congrats and a _lot_ of thanks for your help


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clustering & security                                networking people
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