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Re: linux XFS FAQ available

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Subject: Re: linux XFS FAQ available
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Date: 8 Aug 2000 14:49:05 GMT
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Steve Lord <lord@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Cool, here are a couple of things which jump out straight away.

> On building the kernel, the xfs configuration options are marked
> experimental, so you need to turn on experimental build options.


> On building the commands, you can run

>       ./Makepkgs verbose

> in the cmd/xfs directory to build source and binary RPM packages of the
> commands (this needs to be run as root).


>>> Q: How do i use XFS ?
>>> Just reboot the new build kernel and create a filesytem on an empty
>>> partition
>>>   mkfs_xfs /dev/foo

> If you install the commands via a make install in the command tree then
> mkfs_xfs is installed as mkfs.xfs which means you can also use

>       mkfs -t xfs /dev/foo


> there are also man pages, see mkfs.xfs for lots of mkfs options, e.g.

>       mkfs -t xfs -l size=16000b /dev/foo

> changes the default size of the on disk log.


>>> where /dev/foo is the the partition you want to use (you may have to
>>> use the -f option of mkfs_xfs if this partition already con- tains an
>>> old filesystem which you want to overwrite). Now you can mount the
>>> filesystem using:
>>>   mount -t xfs /dev/foo /somewhere

> There are also lots of mount options, looks like we do not install a man
> page for these right now, I will get one added.

tell me whenever you have something ready so that i can add it


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