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Re: SGI XFS on ppc

To: Thomas Graichen <graichen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, thomas.graichen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: SGI XFS on ppc
From: "Andi Kleen" <ak@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 22:15:44 +0200
Cc: linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
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On Mon, Aug 07, 2000 at 07:58:02PM +0000, Thomas Graichen wrote:
> Steve Lord <lord@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> >> Thomas Graichen <graichen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > In theory this should be true - it is always possible there is a glitch
> > lurking out there somewhere. One issue might be how a specific architecture
> > lays out a structure in memory. We reply on the compiler to generate the
> > correct layout for on disk structures. For example, if you run
> > # gdb modules/xfs.o
> > you can do things like
> > (gdb) print sizeof(xfs_sb_t)
> > $1 = 200
> > This and other on disk structures need to come out the same size on
> > the ppc for things to work.
> this one is the same for x86 and ppc - can you just write down the
> names of some other structures of interest - so that i may compare
> their sizes ?

This looks like a very boring exercise. From a quick look at 
config/rs6000/rs6000.h and config/i386/i386.h in gcc source the structure 
alignment rules of PPC and i386 are the same. For types XFS will hopefully
only use its own well defined types. So I would just try and only 
complain when it breaks.


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