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Re: SGI XFS on ppc

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Subject: Re: SGI XFS on ppc
From: Thomas Graichen <news-innominate.list.sgi.xfs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 2 Aug 2000 23:23:25 GMT
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Organization: innominate AG, Berlin, Germany
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Steve Lord <lord@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> My cheap answer is we wait for the Australians who did the endian conversion
> work to come in to work.  A big endian version of this code has booted but
> any changes this required have not been put back into the tree, I suspect
> something in this area, since this code is dealing with byte swapping
> and should be a noop in your case.

> You could replace this code:

>         sbp = XFS_BUF_TO_SBP(bp);
>         xfs_xlatesb(XFS_BUF_PTR(bp), &(mp->m_sb), 1, ARCH_CONVERT, 
>         if (error = xfs_mount_validate_sb(mp, &(mp->m_sb))) {
>                 cmn_err(CE_WARN, "XFS: SB validate failed\n");
>                 goto err;
>         }

>         mp->m_sb_bp = bp;

> With this code:

>         sbp = XFS_BUF_TO_SBP(bp);
>         if (error = xfs_mount_validate_sb(mp, sbp)) {
>                 goto err;
>         }

>         mp->m_sb_bp = bp;
>         mp->m_sb = *sbp;                                /* bcopy structure */

> and see what happens. In theory you do not need the conversion.

looks like i have right now made the first successful xfs mount on
linux/ppc :-)

[root@aqua /root]# cat /mnt/floppy/XFS 
i am here
[root@aqua /root]# mount | grep floppy
/dev/hda8 on /mnt/floppy type xfs (rw)
[root@aqua /root]# 

it also seems to work a bit ...

[root@aqua floppy]# cp -av /bin .
/bin -> ./bin
/bin/bash -> ./bin/bash

but here it crashed with

pb 0xc3272380 [unlock] (hold 1 lock 1) misc 0x00000000
    address 0xc5870e64
    offset 0x400 size 0x200 task 0xc108c000
XFS assertation failed: indlen > 0, file: xfs_bmap.c, line: 4904
kernel BUG at xfs_debug.c:50!

before were: ... ioreq, hold, rele, done, done, rele, unlock, walkq1 and
something with the debugger prompt ontop of it (which i can't use due
to non existant serial port on an imac :-)

i will go to bed now - it's quite late again already ... if i should
test anything else - just let me know ...

a lot of thanks for all your help - more tomorrow


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clustering & security                                networking people
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