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Re: linux nfs over xfs

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Subject: Re: linux nfs over xfs
From: Ted Kline <jtk@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 13:17:37 -0500 (CDT)
Sender: owner-linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
>       Ted,
>       I pulled the latest tar file for SFS2.0 and put in on "neteng"
> in ~smq/io_benchmarks.  It should have the linux patches, but I don't
> have linux clients and haven't tried compiling it.  There are also
> bonnie and iobench too.
>       The initialization code stresses parts of the system more than
> the benchmark.   On the linux kernel that failed the target load point
> was only 300 ops distributed over 25 filesystems.  This is a miniscule
> load by SFS standards.  In theory with a single filesystem you ought
> to be able to put a load of 10 ops or so if the failure is reproducable
> with a single FS.

Having given up on getting the SFS2.0 client running on a 6.5.9 O2
(it currently runs on 6.4), I've managed to get the SFS2.0 stuff
running as a linux client.

It took a little work...  Two of the "run/install" scripts are
missing a "`", linux "sh" caught this, plus I had to slightly
modify the #include sequence in about a half-dozen or so .c
files in the src/rpc directory, all regarding the HAVE_INT_TYPES
case, plus svc.c attempts to directly manipulate "fds_bits",
which is, by posix standards, only to be done with "FD_SET"..

So, I've started a run, will keep cranking up the knobs as far as I can.. :-)

        -Ted Kline

p.s.    neteng seems down, when it comes back, I'll recopy the sfs benchmark
        source and produce a diff/patch for the linux differences.

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