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Problems running on Cyrix Media GX

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Subject: Problems running on Cyrix Media GX
From: "Ian S. Nelson" <ian.nelson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 05 May 2000 14:10:04 -0600
Organization: Echostar
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Two questions:  I'm building an embedded system and we're going to put
XFS in to it.  Right now the processor is a National Semiconductor/Cyrix
MediaGX integrated part.  When I try to run the XFS kernel on it it
panics during the WP bit check at boot up.  I don't believe this has
anything to do with XFS but some of the other goodies in the XFS kernel
like the debugger.  Is there any way to get just the XFS code in a

We like the debugger and will probably do what it takes to make it work
with our hardware but first thing's first.

Second:  a couple weeks ago I was causing XFS crashes with NFS,
I promised to post a stack trace but then I got pulled on to more
pressing matters here.  Is that still being worked on or has it been
sniffed out or what?  Early next week I should have some more bandwidth
to work on XFS issues.

Ian Nelson

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