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Re: New Bug...

To: cattelan@xxxxxxxxxxx (Russell Cattelan), overby@xxxxxxx, dpd@xxxxxxxxxxx (Doug Doucette)
Subject: Re: New Bug...
From: Jim Mostek <mostek@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 1 May 2000 08:07:52 -0500 (CDT)
Cc: dxm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Daniel Moore), linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
In-reply-to: <390A174C.75D1393E@xxxxxxxxxxx> from "Russell Cattelan" at Apr 28, 2000 05:57:16 PM
Sender: owner-linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Glen Overby knows the dir2 format the best after
Doug Doucette.

Glen, Doug, any suggestions on what to look for
when hitting the last assert below:

         * Loop over the data/unused entries.
        while (p < endp) {
                dup = (xfs_dir2_data_unused_t *)p;
                 * If it's unused, look for the space in the bestfree table.
                 * If we find it, account for that, else make sure it
                 * doesn't need to be there.
                if (INT_GET(dup->freetag, ARCH_UNKNOWN) == 
                        ASSERT(lastfree == 0);
                               (char *)dup - (char *)d);


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>I haven't looked at it...
>any ideas of hand before I go digging to far.
>Russell Cattelan
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>XFS assertion failed: INT_GET(*XFS_DIR2_DATA_UNUSED_TAG_P_ARCH(dup, 
>ARCH_UNKNOWN), ARCH_UNKNOWN) == (char *)dup - (char *)d, file: 
>xfs_dir2_data.c, line: 155
>kernel BUG at xfs_debug.c:86!
>Entering kdb (0xc3614000) Panic: invalid operand
>due to panic @ 0xc8916215
>eax = 0x0000001e ebx = 0x0000000e ecx = 0xc028c6bc edx = 0xc028c6bc
>esi = 0xc0ba0160 edi = 0x00000029 esp = <kernel>   eip = 0xc8916215
>ebp = 0xc3615ba0  ss = 0xc893752e  cs = 0x00000010 eflags = 0x00010282
> ds = <kernel>    es = 0x00000018 origeax = 0xffffffff &regs = 0xc3615b60
>kdb> bt
>    EBP       EIP         Function(args)
>0xc3615ba0 0xc8916215  assfail+0x2d( 0xc8927c60, 0xc8927a37, 0x9b, 0x160, 
>0xc0e9b014 )
>0xc3615be4 0xc88d93d7  xfs_dir2_data_check+0x217( 0xc58b0010, 0xc6a76000, 
>0xc0e9b014, 0xc6a76000, 0xc0ba0160 )
>0xc3615c64 0xc88d8058  xfs_dir2_block_addname+0x6b8( 0xc3615c80, 0xc3615d5c, 
>0xc3615d68, 0x4, 0x1 )
>0xc3615ce8 0xc88d6bd1  xfs_dir_node_replace+0x489( 0xc0e9b014, 0xc58b0010, 
>0xc0aac7a0, 0x9, 0x20ffff )
>0xc3615da4 0xc890eab1  xfs_create+0x515( 0xc58b0028, 0xc0aac7a0, 0xc3615e98, 
>0x0, 0x0 )
>0xc3615f08 0xc8917f2b  linvfs_common_cr+0x10b( 0xc0abb0c0, 0xc0aac740, 0x8124, 
>0x1, 0x0 )
>0xc3615f24 0xc891803c  linvfs_create+0x18( 0xc0abb0c0, 0xc0aac740, 0x8124, 
>0xc0abb114, 0xc0aac040 )
>0xc3615f48 0xc0136c32  vfs_create+0xbe( 0xc0abb0c0, 0xc0aac740, 0x124, 
>0xc78c3e00, 0xffffffe9 )
>0xc3615f74 0xc0136e19  __open_namei+0x191( 0xc0b4c000, 0x8e42, 0x124, 0x0, 0x4 
>0xc3615f9c 0xc012f282  filp_open+0x56( 0xc0b4c000, 0x8e41, 0x124, 0x0, 
>0xc3614000 )
>0xc3615fbc 0xc012f4ec  sys_open+0x3c( 0x80737a8, 0x8e41, 0x124, 0xe41, 0x21 )
>0xc3615fd8 0xc010ace4  system_call+0x34    

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