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Re: copying to xfs causes cp to go to sleep

To: Bernd Markgraf <markgraf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: copying to xfs causes cp to go to sleep
From: Steve Lord <lord@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 14:05:23 -0600
Cc: linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
In-reply-to: Your message of "Fri, 31 Mar 2000 21:40:27 +0200
Sender: owner-linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
> hi,
> first the good news: compiles out of the box...
> now the bad news: i've got a 1gb partition with xfs and my homedir
> (something just under 1gb data). so first test is to copy the homedir to
> the xfs filesystem... works great until the filesystem is about halfway
> full. then nothing else happens. the cp is still in the process list but
> sleeping and never woke up until i killed it (i waited roughly 5h) 
> btw. as long as the cp was running kswapd was eating quite a bit of cpu
> time, but hey... didn't crash so far ;-)
> the snapshot i used was the tarball from the ftp-server and a following
> cvs update (done today 2p.m. gmt)
> anyone any ideas?
>   bernd

How many files are we talking about here? I regularly copy kernel trees
into XFS. Is it possible that if you multiply the number of files you
have in your directory by 64K you get close to filling the 1Gbyte?
There is a bug where preallocation of space does not get pruned down
until unmount time, and the is another bug (an infinite loop) in the
out of space case.


Did you compile with CONFIG_PAGE_BUF_META turned on? You could try running
without it - all the hard hangs I have seen have had this enabled.

Also, do you have 1 cpu or more in your box?

If you have SMP hardware you could turn on the nmi_watchdog (see 
Documentation/nmi_watchdog.txt) and run ksymoops on the output if
you get any.

If this is a really hard hang I suspect the kdb debugger will not
help diagnose the problem.


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