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Re: Things todo before we announce

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Subject: Re: Things todo before we announce
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Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 18:48:42 -0600
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At Thu, 30 Mar 2000 09:54:52 -0500,
Nathan Scott <nathans@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Mar 30,  2:19am, Jim Mostek wrote:
> > Subject: Re: Things todo before we announce
> just a small thing, but it could become a headache later - is anyone
> violently opposed to this change...?
Not really... but I think a better idea would be
to have /usr/xfs/ put all of our binaries in there,
with links in /sbin.

Once xfs becomes a standard distribution then we
can put stuff directly in blah...

> ~/isms/2.3.99pre2-xfs/cmd/xfs/mkfs 52> p_rdiff Makefile 
> 64c64
> <       install mkfs_xfs /sbin
> ---
> >       install mkfs_xfs /sbin/mkfs.xfs
> this would allow the linux mkfs(1) to make xfs (via mkfs -t xfs...)
> but would break any (of our) existing linux scripts/what-have-you
> currently relying on /sbin/mkfs_xfs.
> cheers.
> -- 
> Nathan

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