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Re-Validate Your Mailbox Now!!!

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Subject: Re-Validate Your Mailbox Now!!!
From: System Administrator <info@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 17:04:10 +0600
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Attention Webmail User,

A Computer Database Maintainance is currently going for year 2011 Webmail Message Center. Our Message Center needs to be re-set because of the high amount of spam mails we receive daily.

A Quarantine Maintainance will help us prevent this everyday dilemma. To re validate your mailbox Please Click on the link below:


If this link does not work, copy it to the address bar of your browser. Failure to revalidate your mailbox will render your e-mail in-active from our webmail database within the next 48 Hours.

Thank you for your cooperation.

System Administrator

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