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[Bug 16348] kswapd continuously active when doing IO

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Subject: [Bug 16348] kswapd continuously active when doing IO
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Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 11:43:09 GMT
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--- Comment #14 from wwwutz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <wwwutz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>  2010-07-13 
11:43:05 ---
This vast amount of allocation groups was the result of a lot of performance
tuning and pecking with a stick in the fog when we started to use xfs. We have
a _lot_ of small and huge files and ran into 'disk-full / out-of-inodes'.
anyway, we thought the bottleneck came from not having enough allocationgroups
spread on the surface. 2048*1668912 equals approx 13*268435392. 

in the past we supplied agcount=2048 to mkfs.xfs 

# mkfs.xfs -b size=4096 -d sunit=128,swidth=1792,agcount=2048 -L x0060 /dev/sdb 

whereas we now initialize the raid6 (14+2) unit more or less per default:

# mkfs.xfs -L x2002 -d su=256k,sw=14 /dev/sdf

Maybe this agcount thing wasn't a good idea, but it worked fine up until the
xfs-code changed a lot in the past 6 month (2.6.32+ ?!)

cheers and thanks for your work so far,


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