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Millenium Development Goals (gn.jubilee@xxxxxxxx)

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Subject: Millenium Development Goals (gn.jubilee@xxxxxxxx)
From: Nathalie.Claude@xxxxxx
Date: Mon, 31 May 2010 18:38:56 +0200
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We are pleased to inform you that your E-mail Address have been nominated for an award by Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) Initiative and supported by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the European Union (EU) other international donor agency and institutions.

The program was conducted via Internet Electronic Balloting System (IEBS). (Nine Hundred and Eighty Thousand Eight hundred Sixty Pounds) £980,860.00 was approved and set aside for disbursement among the Nominated "e-mail address" You are advised to please contact the office of the Liaison immediately to commence screening exercise.

Contact Liaison Office,
Mr.David Hughes,
Tel: +44 70 4578 2380,
Email: gn.jubilee@xxxxxxxx

You are advised to contact the office of the Liaison, for claims and failure to contact within 4 weeks will lead to withdrawal and possible cancelation.

Yours Sincerely
Mrs. Sarah Scarth
General coordinator.

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