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[Bug 860] XFS filesystem crash

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Subject: [Bug 860] XFS filesystem crash
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Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 18:22:41 -0600
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--- Comment #9 from Eric Sandeen <sandeen-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx>  2010-01-15 18:21:35 
CST ---
> Er... excuse the question, what is "volatile write caches"?

write caches that lose your data when they lose power.

Consumer hard drives usually have 8-16-32MB write caches; if the drive loses
power, the cached data evaporates and never hits the disk - but the disk
already told xfs that the data was safe, and xfs has moved on.  This violation
of trust between fs and disk can cause filesytem corruption :)

Options are to get a ups, or turn off write caches.  Or to find out why you're
losing those IOs, and keep using barriers.

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