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[Bug 411] Reproducible memory corruption, oops, panic with xfs on sata r

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Subject: [Bug 411] Reproducible memory corruption, oops, panic with xfs on sata raid5 in 2.6
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Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2009 14:22:52 -0600
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--- Comment #8 from Andras Korn <korn-sgi.com@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  
2009-02-10 14:22:50 CST ---
(In reply to comment #7)
> xfs_metadump can be used to provide a meta-data only dump.  It also obsfucates
> the filenames by default, so uploading it to bugzilla should be fine.

I noticed that it doesn't obfuscate long symlink names; but never mind. I'm
uploading it to
because it's 27M in size even bzipped (155M uncompressed) and I'm not sure you
want that in your bugzilla. Feel free to attach it to the ticket though if the
size is fine. The file should be up in about 30 minutes; its md5sum is
1fa374e15dfbf7a46c3f951734bbf2c2 and its size is 28157304 bytes.

It's so big because it's not a 3G filesystem after all, but a 580G one.

> If you don't feel comfortable with that either we can also arrange some way to
> submit the dump privately per email.

No, this metadump is fine, thanks.

I can run xfs_repair now, right?


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