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[xfs-masters] Re: linux-next: vfs merge failure

To: David Chinner <dgc@xxxxxxx>
Subject: [xfs-masters] Re: linux-next: vfs merge failure
From: Al Viro <viro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 07:25:27 +0000
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On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 04:55:21PM +1100, David Chinner wrote:

> That's probably easiest - the XFS change is a trivial cleanup and is
> self contained. The xfs_ioctl() function itself doesn't change, it's
> just been moved to avoid needing 7 or 8 forward declarations....

Alas, not quite...  Needs 50ed1cf6950b5787d7cad811055b7fe2bf47de01 first.

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