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(lowering his voice,) "as I was saying we shall never agree, 

I am not very young, I have neither wife nor children, nor a library, but,
as I said, I read the Intelligencer, which is enough for me; it is to me a
delightful paper, and so it was to my father. It is of great use, for it
contains all that a man requires to know; the names of the preachers at the
church, and the new books which are published; where houses, servants,
clothes, and provisions may be obtained. And then what a number of
subscriptions to charities, and what innocent verses! Persons seeking
interviews and engagements, all so plainly and naturally stated. Certainly,
a man who takes in the Intelligencer may live merrily and be buried
contentedly, and by the end of his life will have such a capital stock of
paper that he can lie on a soft bed of it, unless he prefers wood shavings
for his resting-place. The newspaper and the churchyard were always exciting
objects to me. My walks to the latter were like bathing-places to my good
humor. Every one can read the newspaper for himself, but come with me to the
churchyard while the sun shines and the trees are green, and let us wander
among the graves. Each of them is like a closed book, with the back
uppermost, on which we can read the title of what the book contains, but
nothing more. I had a great deal of information from my father, and I have
noticed a great deal myself. I keep it in my diary, in which I write for my
own use and pleasure a history of all who lie here, and a few more beside.

"Well, and I had heard of you as a very pretty girl, and what were we 

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