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a plea to have some "helper" application sample along with the ST distr

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Subject: a plea to have some "helper" application sample along with the ST distribution.
From: "g.p.ciceri" <gp.ciceri@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 23:53:09 +0200
Organization: swanLabs
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Hello all, 
following the mailing list discussions, it seems to me the 
major issue in building ST-enabled applications 
is still the handling of non ST-controlled operations, 
like performing disk I/O, query LDAP servers and/or DBMS, 
legacy network libraries, questions like these.

The standard way to handle this issues is to build
some "helper" application, connected to the ST-enabled one
via some IPC mechanism like pipe(2) or socketpair(2), but
unfortunately the suggested sample (quoting from a past discussion):

>The Flash web server used disk I/O helpers for disk-bound workloads
><>.  I think the source code is
>available free of charge for non-commerial use.

Is no longer available (at least, the author neither answers 
emails, nor releases the code).

May I ask someone to provide a working sample of such a technique ???
For example, in the ST distribution there is the "server" sample:
it should be nice to extend this sample with an "helper" app, given
as reference.

Any help/remark will be highly appreciated.
Thanks for your patience, and best regards.

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