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Weekend report, Holiday edition

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Subject: Weekend report, Holiday edition
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Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 09:56:48 +0000
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Clarion Hotel claims Huge cut in energy cost due to e t g U

5 Things you should know this weekend:

1. The worlds Energy resources are of major concern
2. Governments are yet to provide real relief forcing business to find
solutions themselves.
3. With results as high as 30% savings in energy bills, SensorStat is a
solution that many business will be turning to.
4. Clarion Hotel in Florida installed the system in June 2006. They are
now boasting it has reduced there bills and paid for itself in just 1
year. 5. This coming week a marketing campaign will increase investor
awareness and boost share prices.

It's a trading frenzy on ET G U all week. Volume was going through the
roof all week and Wednesday and Friday saw Market Makers pushing the
price down and grabbing huge blocks in expectation of next weeks
trading. Now is the time to grab Etgu. Act fast Monday morning.

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