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ProPack 1.2

To: sgilinux11@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: ProPack 1.2
From: Gabriele Brugnoni <gabriele.brugnoni@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 13:00:14 +0000
Cc: tduffy@xxxxxxx
Organization: ESRIN
References: <38889D15.D8B9161E@xxxxxxxxxxxx> <3888D667.1B7D6CCA@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sender: owner-sgilinux11@xxxxxxxxxxx
Hi *,
Installation of Linux on VW 540 works, but there is no way to use the 
keyboard!!!  Using
telnet it is working fine !!

So, probably something is left on

Looking at the old version of this page
there is the 
> Human Interface Devices Boot Protocol (HIDBP)..
that seems usefull but it is already under the USB keyboard feature in the new 


Will you create any instruction for the "SGI ProPack 1.2 for Linux" 
installation on VW540

SGI ProPack 1.2 already works on SGI540 ?

best regards

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