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Re: sgicc, __GNUC__, and -rdynamic

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Subject: Re: sgicc, __GNUC__, and -rdynamic
From: Aharon Robbins <arnold@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 17:24:14 +0300
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> (1) When sgicc invokes "gcc -E" for the preprocessing step, do it as
>     "gcc -E -U__GNUC__".  This fixes the gawk build problem, since
>       % env CC='sgicc -U__GNUC__' ./configure
>     produces a Makefile that does not use -rdynamic.

There may be other GCC-specific symbols that should be undefined as well;
it's definitely worth checking the documentation.

> (2) Extend sgicc to recognize -rdynamic.
> Fix (1) is certainly the easiest, and will ensure that other
> dependencies on the symbol __GNU__ in configure scripts and inside
> source code will not be foiled by suggesting that a gcc extension is
> available, when in fact, the host compiler is completely different,
> and the extension is not there.

Nelson understates the case. The -rdynamic flag can't be the only part
of GCC that sgicc doesn't support. There are a slew of language extensions
that GNU code often makes use of --- properly ifdef-ed, of course --- and
defining __GNUC__ is just shouting a request for trouble.

Hmmm, I guess I just paraphrased what Nelson said, didn't I?  Oh well.

> Fix (2) is less desirable, since leaving __GNUC__ defined can have
> other side effects, as noted in the previous paragraph.  However, it
> still may be useful to add support for -rdynamic, possibly under a
> different name, provided __GNUC__ remains undefined.

The two issues are and should be treated orthogonally.  Undefining __GNUC__
for sgicc should be done in any case, whether or not support for -rdynamic
is added.


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