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To: "pro64" <pro64-support@xxxxxxxxxxx>
From: "Liu Yang" <ly@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 09:06:03 +0800
Sender: owner-pro64-support@xxxxxxxxxxx
Could you find some info about the following problems I meet?
1 When I read the source code of Pro64,the comment said that:
Loop unrolling is performed by: BB *CG_LOOP_Unroll(LOOP_DESCR *loop), which
returns a new unrolled body if the loop is unrolled.  It may also create a
"remainder loop" in the prolog or epilog.
But I do not found this function in Pro64.And another function
unroll_multi_BB never been called in Pro64.I want to know whether this is
2 In Single_BB_Do_Loop_SWP,is unrolling also done?
3 Before unroll,the whole loop converted to a single BB,is that true?
With my best regards,
Liu Yang
Advanced Compiler Lab
Institute of Computing Technology
Chinese Academy of Science
E-Mail :  ly@xxxxxxxxx
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