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Perfect job opportunity

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Subject: Perfect job opportunity
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Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2007 09:10:43 +0000
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Welcome to cooperation!

Company CAWA is one of the leaders among producers of cosmetic products of high 
quality in the majority of the European
countries. Good management and flexible price policy resulted in the third 
place in total turnover among similar
companies. Our company is constantly developing, and today our key managers 
have decided to launch a branch office in

One of the main advantages (perhaps the most important one) is our staff. Our 
success results from passion for work,
commitment and qualification of our personnel. Among the main principles of the 
company are respect for employees, high
wages for qualified job, orientation for development of professionalism. 
Involvement and training of good specialists is
a common task not only for key managers, staff department but also for common 

Due to the launch of the branch office we are looking for Transfer Manager. 
Transfer Manager will act as linkers between
the offices at the initial stage of the company development in the region. The 
duties of the employee will include
receipt of payment for the goods and further transactions to the office to 
their direct manager. It is important that at
the initial stage all the transactions will be realized through electronic 
payment systems WU, MG. Initial wage will be

We are sure that business success depends on qualification of employees, their 
relationship to the company and will to
corporate success. Starting on initial position and having determination to 
develop any person with required potential
qualities and determination for constant self-development can count for support 
of key managers.

Working with our company means to realize yourself. If you are open for 
communication, hard-working, have skills of team
working determined to develop your career and are looking for high paying job 
in a large reliable company than this offer
will be the next step in you career.

If you are interested in this offer please visit:

Faithfully yours,

Robert Dzekanski,

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