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Re: Next release update and pmdalogger merge

To: "Frank Ch. Eigler" <fche@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Next release update and pmdalogger merge
From: Nathan Scott <nathans@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 16 May 2011 09:36:35 +1000 (EST)
Cc: David Smith <dsmith@xxxxxxxxxx>, Ken McDonell <kenj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Max Matveev <makc@xxxxxxxxx>, pcp <pcp@xxxxxxxxxxx>
In-reply-to: <20110513121244.GB3244@xxxxxxxxxx>
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> Hi, Nathan -
> > [...] The one major thing I'm thinking of doing still, which
> > warrants a bit of discussion, is adding a storable setting to switch
> > off/on the event record metrics. [...]
> > So, what I'm planning is: - make logger.perfile.xxx.records "off" by
> > default, and require a pmstore to enable them. [...]
> How about making this default part of the logger pmda's configuration,
> done on a per-file basis? That way a user can expose non-sensitive
> data without imposing special requirements on the consumer tools.

Good idea, will do.

> > We'll need to switch from pipe2 to something portable in that code
> > (that __pmProcessCreate we discussed earlier), but be good to have
> > an understanding of this issue first if possible.
> I didn't realize pipe2 was a linux invention. Plain pipe() or
> something else that wraps that shouldn't be a big deal; just a
> fcntl(O_NONBLOCK) later.

*nod*, will take a look.



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