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[Bug 836] Non-functional predefined position/size of PCP Chart window in

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Subject: [Bug 836] Non-functional predefined position/size of PCP Chart window in config-file
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Date: Wed, 27 May 2009 21:34:05 -0500
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--- Comment #4 from Nige <ndonaldson@xxxxxxxxxx>  2009-05-27 21:34:04 CST ---

I have a 1280x1024 screen size. In my DRP-monitor config-file, I have just set
the top-left offset to (1,1), and requested the width and height be 1280 and
1024, respectively. Neither dimension was respected when the PCP Chart window
was displayed. The height of the window is initially the same as when I had the
original 480 set (which was a deliberately short height).

It might be that Qt ignores the requested height (in this case) if it deems
that it can't 'adequately' render the defined charts in the requested
window-area? Recall, I saw something similar to this with the Linux version a
couple of months ago. By the way... I have seven charts per tab.

As for the width of the window, I gauge it to have been drawn with a width of
about 1100 pixels (not 1280).

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