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Re: PCP for x86_64 ?

To: Ken McDonell <kenmcd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: PCP for x86_64 ?
From: Olivier Tarnus <o.tarnus@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 16:12:14 +0100
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Ken McDonell wrote:

On Wed, 22 Dec 2004, Olivier Tarnus wrote:

kenmcd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Thanks, Jan-Frode.

It should come as no surprise that sgi engineers don't have access to
x86_64 for pcp testing, so assistance from others is most appreciated.

Tell me what could help you...

Download the source from oss.sgi.com ... try to rebuild it ... send us
patches/fixes ... try running the PCP QA (also available from
oss.sgi.com) ... etc.

My only limitation is that i actually MUST use SuSE  SLES9, and so can't
upgrade automake/autoconf.

I believe PCP is _in_ SLES9, and we've been working with SuSE to reduce
differences between what they include in their distribution and what's
available on oss.sgi.com.  So, I'd definitely be interested in hearing
about any problems with PCP and SLES9.

But if i can do anything for pcp, it will be a pleasure :-)



Here are some comments on my experiments compiling pcp, and running pcp-qa on linux for x86_64. First of all, installing from sources will not create /var/lib/pcp/pmns/root file... Don't know why, running a ./Rebuild in this directory fix this issue.

My other problem was starting scripts, which are REALLY dependant on SuSE or RedHat... Some "simplier" scripts will be greatly appreciated for other ditributions. For example i wanted to create an ebuild for Gentoo Linux, but i wasn't able to understand your startup scripts (sorry for this ;) ) to include them... Or perhaps can you provide a little explanation on the overall startup procedure for a pcp infrastructure...

Now, regarding x86_64... Installation was fine except already explained issues regarding automake. I hardly managed to have pcp-qa runing on a SuSE SLES 9 x86_64... One encountered issue was regarding the simple pmda. It won't compile by default on x86_64 and i needed to add -fPIC to compilation options. Maybe are other pmdas affected by this issue.

I've not run pcp-qa with much setup or options, but here are my results:

Not run: 008 009 073 117 127 129 130 142 144 148 150 151 157 212 215 223 233 257 262 284 290 329 330 331 332 333 334 353377 504 545 584 701 702 Failures: 015 025 051 066 069 081 083 115 116 119 122 123 131 149 158 159 160 183 187 199 272 279 282 306 308 325 340 365 374 375 381 414 446 519 539 572 583 587 603 605 622 640 642
Failed 43 of 392 tests

I've NOT configured an rsh access!!! Perhaps that explains so much failures!?

Who can i safely send my .bad files (i prefer not post them to the maillist...) ???


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