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pcpmon and pcp-pro

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Subject: pcpmon and pcp-pro
From: Troy Dawson <dawson@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 10:18:52 -0500
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Howdy again,
My old version of pcp-pro didn't work very well on pcp 2.3. (I'm not complaining, just stating) So I tried out the latest pcpmon, which worked very well. The only problem is that all the web pages I found pointing at pcpmon's web site, didn't work. Is pcpmon still being developed? If so, is there a web page? If not, is anyone planning on taking it up again?

On a related subject, could you all that work at SGI get after your marketing people again and ask them to let normal companies buy pcp-pro. They have a product that people want, but they won't sell it to them. This, I'm sure is having a affect on how well pcp get's used in the worldwide community. I've talked to our SGI hardware guy here, he said he'd talk to some people. But if ya'll could mention it again it would be helpful.

p.s. Yes, I got my original version of pcp-pro legally, but when we tried to buy some more copies, or upgrade, they hum and hahed and finolly said no.
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