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RE: 'No PMCD agent for domain of request' ?

To: "'Sadanand Kota'" <sada@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: 'No PMCD agent for domain of request' ?
From: "David Chatterton" <david.chatterton@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 22:48:02 +1100
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> Subject: Re: 'No PMCD agent for domain of request' ?
> Thanks,
> But I dont think anything is wrong with the PMDA as the same PMDA is
> working on another machine with the same domain number(254) and PCP
> version number.
> Any idea?

The log entry indicates that pmcd is no longer connected to your agent,
which is usually caused by your pmda terminating unexpectedly. The
error message does not indicate anything is wrong with your domain
number for the pmda.

Firstly, check that the pmda process is still running. If it is,
kill it and restart pmcd (and implicitly your pmda) and check the
pmcd log and pmcd metrics to see if pmcd now has a connection to your
agent. Then try to access your pmda's metrics with pminfo.

> > Also, the installation scripts of PMDA does not give any 
> error messages.

Your pmda may have been responding immediately after installation
(since the install script usually checks shortly after restarting
pmcd), but it may have died later...


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