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linux interface, pcp protocol, tutorials

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Subject: linux interface, pcp protocol, tutorials
From: adrian.lukas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 19:12:56 +0100 (CET)
Reply: adrian.lukas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sender: owner-pcp@xxxxxxxxxxx
hello everybody,

i have the following questions:

1. Are any tutorials that describe some "pcp linux sessions"? 
In the "Admin's Guide" i read something about a "Tutorial".
Is this tutorial available only for irix?

After building and installing the package, i made some
tests (pminfo).  There were no metrics defined in 
any metric name space. It takes me some time to realize
that the standard name spaces must be builded too.   
Unfortunately in the standard docs i didn't found any 
remarks about that. 

2. In the "Admin's Guide" are some pcp tools described that
are not present on linux distribution (at least on my box).
Is that normal or i forget something? (example: pmchart)

3. What interface uses pcp to collect data on a linux host?
Here i mean operating system specific data (linux metric name space),
that refer to os activity (memory, processes, etc).
Is /proc fs the "hole" linux interface?

4. Where can i find a specification of the pcp communication
protocol? (here i mean "pcp" protocol, not TCP/IP).
(I read something about a text and a binary protocol...)

thanks in advance!

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