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weird error

To: pcp@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: weird error
From: Alan Bailey <abailey@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 13:35:07 -0600 (CST)
Sender: owner-pcp@xxxxxxxxxxx
I don't know if this is a problem with the simple pmda, or with dynamic
shared objects on linux, or with something I might have done.  But it's
weird, that's for sure :)

I'm trying to use the simple pmda as a DSO on linux 2.2.14 from
pcp-2.1.10.  I haven't changed pcp or the simple pmda.

Here's output to display the first problem.  It seems like when
mem.freemem and simple.numfetch are queried at the same time, they both
get the value of simple.numfetch.

lanner % pminfo -f -h localhost mem.freemem

    value 1652
lanner % pminfo -f -h localhost simple.numfetch

    value 2
lanner % pminfo -f -h localhost simple.numfetch mem.freemem

    value 3

    value 3
lanner % pminfo -f -h localhost mem.freemem                

    value 1648

Here's some other weirdness.  It takes on the value of simple.color, even
though that has three instances!  Weird...

lanner % pminfo -f -h localhost mem.freemem

    value 2076
lanner % pminfo -f -h localhost simple.color

    inst [0 or "red"] value 2
    inst [1 or "green"] value 102
    inst [2 or "blue"] value 202
lanner % pminfo -f -h localhost simple.color mem.freemem

    inst [0 or "red"] value 3
    inst [1 or "green"] value 103
    inst [2 or "blue"] value 203

    value 3
    value 103
    value 203

That should be enough of a description for a diagnosis.  I apologize if
this is a simple error or something done wrong on my part.


 Alan Bailey

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