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Re: Suggested way of monitoring processes?

To: The Lemming <lemming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, pcp@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Suggested way of monitoring processes?
From: "Nathan Scott" <nathans@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 09:17:47 -0400
In-reply-to: The Lemming <lemming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> "Re: Suggested way of monitoring processes?" (Nov 3, 8:13am)
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On Nov 3,  8:13am, The Lemming wrote:
> Subject: Re: Suggested way of monitoring processes?
> ...
>   I must say that I don't use PCP for this. We have a web portal, so we use 
> only for performance monitoring. For availability monitoring, we use Spong. It
> not only checks for processes, but also for disk, CPU load, ... Other part of 
> it
> does remote monitoring that checks ping, http server function (via trying 
> GET),
> smtp server (checks for welcome message) and many others.
>   Spong allows you to define whom to page (send email) for which server and/or
> service, even depending on the time of the event, allows you to delay message
> for some time to prevent false alarms, it can send alarm message repeatedly
> until problem is acknowledged via interface and so on. (I didn't investigated
> pmie, so I don't know whether it has these functions.)
> ...

Yes, pmie has all of these functions.  Used in conjuction with
the (not yet opensource, but maybe one day?) shping PMDA, or
a more specific PMDA like httpd/cisco/..., its very useful for
remote service availability and response-time monitoring.  It
has been used in base-IRIX to do exactly that for some time now.


     pmie - inference engine for performance metrics

     pmie accepts a collection of arithmetic, logical, and rule expressions to
     be evaluated at specified frequencies.  The base data for the expressions
     consists of performance metrics values delivered in real-time from any
     host running the Performance Metrics Collection Daemon (PMCD), or using
     historical data from Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) archive logs.

     As well as computing arithmetic and logical values, pmie can execute
     actions (popup alarms, write system log messages, and launch programs) in
     response to specified conditions.  Such actions are extremely useful in
     detecting, monitoring and correcting performance related problems.


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