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Re: Current OpenGL state machine chart?

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Subject: Re: Current OpenGL state machine chart?
From: Dave Shreiner <shreiner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 08:40:06 -0800
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Hi Marcelo,

>  what's the original format of the OpenGL state machine chart available
>  from http://www.opengl.org/?  It always tickles me a bit when I go look
>  at it asking myself which part of the machine is disabled by using,
>  say, vertex programs.  It'd be nice to have a chart for the current
>  version and therefore I'm wondering what the "source" format is.

   The version that's currently out there is from an old SGI tool named
"Showcase".  I've ported it to Adobe Illustrator, and a new version will
be accompanying the next edtition of the OpenGL blue book.  However,
that version, being consistent with the contents of the book, won't have
exactly what you're looking for yet.  Once I get the blue book done,
I'll make those additions for the vertex and fragment programs.

   I know that may sound a little behind the times, but the contents of
the red and blue books are frozen when the contract was written about a
year ago.  I couldn't meet the publisher's schedule and include the
stuff about programs and all the next extensions.  With any luck, and
some free time, I hope to make a lot more content available on

   Hope that helps.




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