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[ogl-sample] Status report - oss.sgi.com coming back up to speed

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Subject: [ogl-sample] Status report - oss.sgi.com coming back up to speed
From: Jon Leech <ljp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 13:32:01 -0700
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    Hi All,

    As you may have noticed, oss.sgi.com has been pretty throughly
hosed. It was severely hacked several weeks ago, and has been coming
back piece by piece. Access to the mailing lists from within SGI was
just re-enabled - I was unable to send anything to the list before.

    I believe the current state of the ogl-sample stuff to be:

  - majordomo configuration restored properly, but if an old version of
    the subscribers list was accidentally put in place, and you
    shouldn't be receiving this mail, my profound apologies - please let
    me know if so and I'll unsubscribe you.

  - Web content up to date.

  - CVS tree restored from an old backup (~last August), so the .spec
    files in CVS are out of date; it's taking a while to restore a
    current backup. At worst I have a current checked-out tree that can
    be restored, but only if they can't locate more recent backups - I'd
    prefer not to lose the revision history.

  - Bugzilla supposed to be working, though I haven't checked.

    Jon Leech

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