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[ogl-sample] Undefined enum values in enum.spec

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Subject: [ogl-sample] Undefined enum values in enum.spec
From: "Marcelo E. Magallon" <marcelo.magallon@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2001 14:49:55 +0200
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 a program of mine uses .spec files to autogenerate some code.  I was
 cleaning up today and found this:

    PixelFormat doesn't contain GL_LUMINANCE16_ICC_SGIX
    PixelFormat doesn't contain GL_R5_G6_B5_ICC_SGIX
    PixelFormat doesn't contain GL_ALPHA16_ICC_SGIX
    PixelFormat doesn't contain GL_LUMINANCE16_ALPHA8_ICC_SGIX
    PixelFormat doesn't contain GL_R5_G6_B5_A8_ICC_SGIX

 "doesn't contain" is misleading, it should read "references FOO but isn't
 defined".  The definitions for all those are commented out:

    # SGIX_icc_texture enum:
    #       RGB_ICC_SGIX                                    = 0x8460
    #       RGBA_ICC_SGIX                                   = 0x8461
    #       ALPHA_ICC_SGIX                                  = 0x8462
    #       LUMINANCE_ICC_SGIX                              = 0x8463
    #       INTENSITY_ICC_SGIX                              = 0x8464
    #       LUMINANCE_ALPHA_ICC_SGIX                        = 0x8465
    #       R5_G6_B5_ICC_SGIX                               = 0x8466
    #       R5_G6_B5_A8_ICC_SGIX                            = 0x8467
    #       ALPHA16_ICC_SGIX                                = 0x8468
    #       LUMINANCE16_ICC_SGIX                            = 0x8469
    #       INTENSITY16_ICC_SGIX                            = 0x846A
    #       LUMINANCE16_ALPHA8_ICC_SGIX                     = 0x846B

 Then this:

    SGIX_icc_texture doesn't contain GL_INTENSITY_ICC_SGIX
    SGIX_icc_texture doesn't contain GL_R5_G6_B5_ICC_SGIX
    SGIX_icc_texture doesn't contain GL_ALPHA_ICC_SGIX
    SGIX_icc_texture doesn't contain GL_LUMINANCE16_ALPHA8_ICC_SGIX
    SGIX_icc_texture doesn't contain GL_ALPHA16_ICC_SGIX
    SGIX_icc_texture doesn't contain GL_INTENSITY16_ICC_SGIX
    SGIX_icc_texture doesn't contain GL_LUMINANCE16_ICC_SGIX
    SGIX_icc_texture doesn't contain GL_LUMINANCE_ALPHA_ICC_SGIX
    SGIX_icc_texture doesn't contain GL_RGB_ICC_SGIX
    SGIX_icc_texture doesn't contain GL_LUMINANCE_ICC_SGIX
    SGIX_icc_texture doesn't contain GL_RGBA_ICC_SGIX
    SGIX_icc_texture doesn't contain GL_R5_G6_B5_A8_ICC_SGIX

 "doesn't contain" is accurate here, my program knows that those exist
 because they are referenced elsewhere via "use".

    MapTarget doesn't contain GL_GEOMETRY_DEFORMATION_SGIX
    MapTarget doesn't contain GL_TEXTURE_DEFORMATION_SGIX

 MapTarget reads partially:

    MapTarget enum:
            use SGIX_polynomial_ffd GEOMETRY_DEFORMATION_SGIX
            use SGIX_polynomial_ffd TEXTURE_DEFORMATION_SGIX

 SGIX_polynomial_ffd reads in the file:

    # SGIX_polynomial_ffd enum:
            GEOMETRY_DEFORMATION_SGIX                       = 0x8194
            TEXTURE_DEFORMATION_SGIX                        = 0x8195
            DEFORMATIONS_MASK_SGIX                          = 0x8196 # 1 I
            MAX_DEFORMATION_ORDER_SGIX                      = 0x8197

 note the enum declaration is commented out but the enumerants aren't.

    PixelInternalFormat doesn't contain GL_LUMINANCE16_ICC_SGIX
    PixelInternalFormat doesn't contain GL_RGBA_ICC_SGIX
    PixelInternalFormat doesn't contain GL_ALPHA_ICC_SGIX
    PixelInternalFormat doesn't contain GL_ALPHA16_ICC_SGIX
    PixelInternalFormat doesn't contain GL_LUMINANCE_ALPHA_ICC_SGIX
    PixelInternalFormat doesn't contain GL_INTENSITY16_ICC_SGIX
    PixelInternalFormat doesn't contain GL_INTENSITY_ICC_SGIX
    PixelInternalFormat doesn't contain GL_R5_G6_B5_ICC_SGIX
    PixelInternalFormat doesn't contain GL_LUMINANCE_ICC_SGIX
    PixelInternalFormat doesn't contain GL_LUMINANCE16_ALPHA8_ICC_SGIX
    PixelInternalFormat doesn't contain GL_R5_G6_B5_A8_ICC_SGIX
    PixelInternalFormat doesn't contain GL_RGB_ICC_SGIX

 Same as before.

    SGIX_polynomial_ffd doesn't contain GL_DEFORMATIONS_MASK_SGIX
    SGIX_polynomial_ffd doesn't contain GL_TEXTURE_DEFORMATION_SGIX
    SGIX_polynomial_ffd doesn't contain GL_GEOMETRY_DEFORMATION_SGIX

 Same as before.

    GetPName doesn't contain GL_DEFORMATIONS_MASK_SGIX
    GetPName doesn't contain GL_ASYNC_MARKER_SGIX

 GetPName uses SGIX_polynomial_ffd.  SGIX_async is:

    # SGIX_async enum:
            ASYNC_MARKER_SGIX                               = 0x8329

    MaterialParameter doesn't contain GL_DIFFUSE
    MaterialParameter doesn't contain GL_AMBIENT
    MaterialParameter doesn't contain GL_SPECULAR

 MaterialParameter reads:

    MaterialParameter enum:
            EMISSION                                        = 0x1600
            SHININESS                                       = 0x1601
            AMBIENT_AND_DIFFUSE                             = 0x1602
            COLOR_INDEXES                                   = 0x1603
            use LightProperty AMBIENT
            use LightProperty DIFFUSE
            use LightProperty SPECULAR

 but LightProperty isn't defined anywhere.  LightParameter is.

    SGIX_async doesn't contain GL_ASYNC_MARKER_SGIX

 same as before.

    FfdTargetSGIX doesn't contain GL_TEXTURE_DEFORMATION_SGIX
    FfdTargetSGIX doesn't contain GL_GEOMETRY_DEFORMATION_SGIX

 same as before.

    LightProperty doesn't contain GL_DIFFUSE
    LightProperty doesn't contain GL_AMBIENT
    LightProperty doesn't contain GL_SPECULAR
 same as before.

 In fact I had noticed this before.  Today I just stumbled on some ugly
 code I wanted to remove...



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