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Re: [ogl-sample] Missing GLX tokens.

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Subject: Re: [ogl-sample] Missing GLX tokens.
From: "Leath Muller" <Leath.Muller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 16:35:19 +1000
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> Well, they are in the extensions registry - and they work on my GeForce-3
> card under Linux.  If they aren't "finalised" they certainly *ought* to
> be!

I think it may be a small oversight with the updater that automagically
updates the *ext.h files... it seems that the glext.h has different defines
to the wglext.h and the glxext.h has different again...
> > The WGL ext and the normal glext.h have the EXT's defined -- will they do?
> (which might be the wrong file - but it's the one referenced
> from the Linux OpenGL ABI and the only one I can find) we find
> only:

The WGL* EXT headers for the multisample are in the wglext.h file I seem to
recall -- but I'm not sure if they have the same ID's as the glxext.h
file... I'll just check...

>From the wglext.h file:

#ifndef WGL_3DFX_multisample
#define WGL_SAMPLE_BUFFERS_3DFX        0x2060
#define WGL_SAMPLES_3DFX               0x2061

#ifndef WGL_EXT_multisample
#define WGL_SAMPLE_BUFFERS_EXT         0x2041
#define WGL_SAMPLES_EXT                0x2042

which just adds to the weirdness I think... :)
>   #ifndef GLX_3DFX_multisample
>   #define GLX_SAMPLE_BUFFERS_3DFX            0x8050
>   #define GLX_SAMPLES_3DFX                   0x8051
>   #endif
> ...which is a quite different extension and has different token
> values from the ARB extension that I'm looking for.
> The *GL* extensions file has:
> #define GL_SAMPLES_ARB                    0x80A9
> #define GL_SAMPLES_SGIS                   0x80A9
> #define GL_SAMPLES_3DFX                   0x86B4

#define GL_SAMPLES_SGIS                 0x80A9

Is the same as:

> #define GL_SAMPLES_EXT                    0x80A9

Sooo... I was guessting that the WGL_SAMPLES_EXT would have been the same
> Hmmm - since the glext.h header contains the tokens
> from the ARB multisample extension, it *must* be an
> oversight that they are missing from glxext.h

Yep... have to agree... can you manually define the above token and see how
you go?


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