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RE: [ogl-sample] duplicate header files in GLU sources

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Subject: RE: [ogl-sample] duplicate header files in GLU sources
From: Gang Chen <gangchen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 09:55:01 +0800
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> From: Sven M. Hallberg [mailto:pesco@xxxxxx]
> Hello,
> while working on the integration of the SI GLU into Mesa3D
> I've stumbled
> accross the following:
> glimports.h, mystdio.h, and mystdlib.h can be found in  glu/libnurbs/interface/
> and glu/libnurbs/nurbtess/, but not in  glu/libnurbs/internals/. They are used
> in internals/ also, though. I was just wondering if it  wouldn't be better to
> have single copies of them residing in a common directory.

In my opinoin, keeping two copies of a same file in a project is not a good idea.
Just set a new include path would be better.


> Regards,
> -Sven
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