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[ogl-sample] GLU rpm available from SGI sample implementation

To: mesa3d-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "James A. Treacy" <treacy@xxxxxxxxxx>, ogl-sample@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [ogl-sample] GLU rpm available from SGI sample implementation
From: Olivier Michel <Olivier.Michel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 10:28:36 +0200
Organization: Cyberbotics Ltd.
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Sender: owner-ogl-sample@xxxxxxxxxxx
Good news!

The SGI sample implementation CVS was updated this week-end with many
minor bug fixes that make it now possible to build a GLU rpm directly
from the SGI CVS tree that works fine with Mesa.

I built it yesterday night for ppc and i386. The name of the files
I created are:

oss-opengl-glu.spec (1.6 KB) -> my RPM spec file
ogl-sample.20000925.tgz (1.7 MB) -> the source from the CVS tree
oss-opengl-glu-20000925-1.i386.rpm (212 KB) -> binary package for i386
oss-opengl-glu-20000925-1.ppc.rpm (242 KB) -> binary package for ppc

the process for building the rpm is very easy:

1) copy the oss-opengl-glu.spec in the rpm SPECS directory
2) copy the ogl-sample.20000925.tgz in the rpm SOURCES directory
3) cd to the SPECS directory and type rpm -bb oss-opengl-glu.spec (bb
stands for build binary)
4) you get the binary package in the rpm RPMS/i386 or RPMS/ppc directory

Unfortunatelly, I have no room to host these files online, but I would
be a pleasure for me to upload them anywhere, so that they are available
to anyone.

By the way, my spec file could be included into the CVS tree of the
ogl-sample ?

I also have the same set of files to build a Mesa rpm package without
Mesa GLU (to use the GLU from the above package).

Let me know if anyone can host my files.


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