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Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 21:48:50 KST
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We are soft planet which was new born in the field of computer games.
We are producing on-line games putting the greatest emphasis on graphic but are 
at the graphic.
So we are seeking the company having the outstanding achievement in this area.
During the course we have found you.
We were so pleased.
We think you are number-one in this field.
So we ask you to help us.
Please consult us. Then we will appreciate that so much.
We need the skill you have, the applied field, the detail on the skill.
Please answer this mail.
We will look forward to receive your answer.
Thank you. Bye. 


우리 인터넷, Daum
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지구촌 한글 검색서비스 Daum FIREBALL

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